At the Cathedral

Our plans to visit the Greek festival didn't pan out. Apparently everyone in the City had come out to enjoy a gyro on balmy Saturday afternoon. The lines were miles long. We could have been in Greece by the time we got through the lines.

So instead we went to the Cathedral Basilica to be awed by the scintillations of millions of mosaics. And we had the place pretty much to ourselves. For moments like this one wherein my fiancé caught me in a thoughtful pose.

Yes, besides studies at seminary, my summer has entailed a lot of sightseeing around the City, dining out, and a whirlwind romance with a wonderful man.

There's an engagement ring on my finger and a wedding coming in March.

I hope to be sharing more snippets from our story as time permits.

Blessings, all!

Photo: "The Thinker, Revisited" by J.A.A.


Lauryl Lane said…
happy happy joy joy!!!
Lillibeth said…
What, no comments yet? I can't leave this at "0" so I'll say Congratulations:)
gail said…
and your dress?
I can't wait to see what you create!
chantell said…
My sentiments exactly. I know your dress is going to be dynamite.
Ali said…
Rebecca, Rebecca! I went away for the weekend and did actually read this when I got on relatives computer very briefly. There is a lot of information missing here! Do tell all. And many congratulations!

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