Pour Joshua, sur l'occasion de son anniversaire

Justes, réjouissez-vous en l'Éternel et soyez dans l'allégresse! Poussez des cris de joie, vous tous qui êtes droits de coeur!
~Psaume 32.11


Laura said…
Now I'd really like to know a least a little French. Could you post a translation beneath it? Perhaps I should ask my friend who knows French well to explain this to me.

Rebecca said…
"For Joshua, on the occasion of his birthday"

"Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, O righteous,and shout for joy, all you upright in heart!" (Psalm 32:11, ESV)

It's quite alright, Laura. I'm just learning myself, and if you asked me to translate this verse from the Psalms, I might be able to give you the gist but not a word-for-word equivalent of it. I am doing a minor in French. Joshua & Grant (the middle fellow) are also have French minors. Sometimes we will get together to read the French Bible. Joshua works in the language lab and helps me when I hit a snag with grammar or pronunciation. I promised him I would work hard on my language study, but I promised myself that I would do more Bible study. Grant was kind enough to loan me an extra French Bible he had, so every morning I read something from the Psalms and the New Testament in English first and then French. It's helping build my vocabulary and giving me a feel for the flow of the language. That's probably more than you wanted to know, but there you have it! French is beautiful, and now having studied it a little, I am of the opinion that everyone should have such an opportunity! It is so helpful when one is reading literature. It always frustrated me when an author would include French quotations in an English novel. (Charlotte Bronte, as I remember, was particularly inclined to this.) It seemed so esoteric, so exclusive. But the French just have particular ways of expressing ideas that can't always be translated without losing something vital. So now, I seem to be becoming one of those annoying people who pepper their speech and writing with French! C'est vrai! (It's true.)
Laura said…
Thanks for the translation! French is on my list of 'like-to-learn' right now, for many the same reasons as you mentioned. (Authors drove me nuts as a child because I didn't know anyone who could translate them for me.) I now, after nearly three years of light German study, do the same thing with German. See, many books that I read on the Reformation are in German, and I wanted to read them in that way. It's very interesting for me to see that sometimes, you simply cannot translate a saying or will have no meaning whatsoever!
My brother has a German Bible, and occasionally I borrow it, and I have several songbooks, and recently acquired a novel (which isn't in English yet) to work through. Lucky for me, when I have problems, I know a German teacher nearby, and also have an exchange sister who's biological sister is a German linguist. Thanks!

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