Meme: Five things in my wardrobe that I wouldn't be without.

Generally, these sorts of things annoy me. But if they involve books, or as in this case, clothes, I'm game. (I've always wondered, though, just why are they called "memes"? Read the Wiki article here.) I do love the way Ali left the ball in my court. She says maybe she'll tag me. :-) Oh, that's a challenge if ever there was one!

So, the top five items in my wardrobe are (drumroll, please):

1. The Perfect Fit Cami in black, white, cream, and as many colors as I can afford. The modest neckline and supporting hardware make the challenge of shopping and dressing sweet and simple. And if you're not happy with your purchase, at any time, Norm Thompson will refund your money.

2. Wrap-style dresses & tops, a.k.a. surplice. My favorites are in supple poly or poly/rayon knits in conservative prints that skim the figure and hit just below the knee. A little tie around the waist is nice. A red wrap dress would be about perfect.

3. Skirts. Long, short, straight, full, there's one for every mood and occasion, including exercise, would you believe it! Styles I will mention here are knee-length A-line and jean because they figure most prominently in my wardrobe. I'm hankering for a pencil skirt but haven't found the right one yet.

4. Cardigans and Jean Jackets. I'm with Ali here. A cardy is a must-have. The only one I own is a six years old washable natural fleck wool blend with a brass zip and hood. A red or green wool cable cardy would be nice and so would a black cashmere. My favorite jean jacket is one my sister got at Dillard's years ago. It has a bit of a peplum in back and it's stiff newness has worn to a into a shabby denim patina.

5. And last but not least, Regency gowns. They are flattering to various figure types and comfortable, to boot. Of all period fashions, they are also one of the more versatile styles, appealing to more modern sensibilities, with endless variations as to sleeves, necklines and trimmings. I've worn my Regency gowns everywhere: the garden, shopping, traveling, church, and weddings. Below is a picture of my first attempt from ten years ago, and notice, it has the wrap-style bodice! If I made it again, I would cut the skirt differently to eliminate the fullness in front, but like this, it would convert well for maternity wear. I'm currently thinking about ways to update the Regency style for my professional wardrobe, so stay tuned for future innovations.

Here are the rules.

Title your post- Meme: Five things in my wardrobe that I wouldn't be without.
Tell us who linked you.
List your 5 wardrobe items.
Paste these rules at the bottom.
Tag 2 or 3 others to join in the fun!

I'm going to tag my sweet coz, Renee, because she's one of the coolest young mums I've ever seen and I love her spunky sense of style.

And Chantell because she is traveling in more fashionable parts of the world, such as Spain and France, and reports that scarves are among the hottest European trends.

And Joshua who's also traveling abroad and hasn't been heard from in a long time, but undoubtedly will have good tips on the gentleman's art of dressing well.


gail said…
Glad you tagged C. and J., I enjoy hearing 'from/about' their adventures, and will be skipping over to their blogs to see if they have responded. I am headed over to that part of the world next week, so could use some fashion tips. Can't decide if I'll travel dressed simply as myself, or if I should take a huge scarf/wrap to hide little (?) me amongst the folds as I scurry about the airports. I have begun dreaming about languages again. Or should I say, ..dreaming in foreign languages, phrases here and there that I do not understand are being spoken by other people in my dreams. Well, I can always find an Oriental tourist to converse with at CDG, in Paris; I'll be there eight (yes,8) hours. Happy for sufficient time to find my way around to the next flight to Basel.

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