Lady Washington

Lillibeth, remember the chill salt mist we braved the day last May that we went to Newport to see the Lady Washington? My mind must have been numbed by the cold, because I remember very little of the day, except we climbed aboard the ship that felt very small and the boys steered the wheel. Afterwards we disembarked and made for the nearest fish and chips place for a piping hot lunch, then back into the cold to watch the sea lions bathe. On our way home, we caught a glimpse of the ships as they left port and made for open sea.

What do you remember? Was it the LW or the other ship (whose name escapes me) that appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean?

The Shipyard at Newport


Lillibeth said…
I think it was part of the L.W. that was in the movie. The other ship was the Hawaiian Chieftain. You found the photos, hooray! I wonder where mine are? Maybe I just let you take all the photos of us...
Wasn't it fun watching those sea lions? Remember the very noisy one that wanted the whole dock for itself?
You were very patient with us as we toted you all over the place! Next time you come, stay a month.
Amy said…
Now, now! I think it's my turn to visit the S and H clan. Lillibeth, really! ;)

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