Happy Birthday, Beatrix Potter

Today is the birthday of Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. Happy Birthday, Beatrix! In addition to illustrating delightful children's books, Beatrix was involved in land conservation and the preservation of Herdwick sheep farms in the Lake District of England. When she died, she left over 4000 acres of farmland to the National Trust. Visiting the Lake District around lakes Grasmere and Windermere in November, I fell in love with Potter country with its peaks and vales, rivers and becks, not to mention sheep, sheep, and more sheep! Maybe you can get a taste of the beauty to be found because of Beatrix's life and work from some of the pictures I took on our all too brief visit to Hilltop Farm where Beatrix lived while writing her beloved books. Enjoy!

At Hilltop Farmhouse

Vines Climbing Rock Wall of an Outbuilding

Sheep May Safely Graze

Across the Road from Hilltop Farm


Paddock Across from Hilltop Farm

Hilltop Farmhouse, Showing Wing that Beatrix Had Built


Lillibeth said…
These are all so beautiful! You should enlarge and frame them.
Anonymous said…
Ohh you have lived my dream. I would so love to visit England. My hubby on the other hand does not ever care to leave this country :)

These photos are breathtaking...do you have more?

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