Decorating With Roses

"And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies."
~Christopher Marlowe

Some of us will never be able to accept that life can't be a bed of roses. We will persist in saying it can be so!

Rose & Cherries Needlepoint Pillows

Bed of Roses, Appliqued Quilt by My Grandmother Newton


Pinafore & Apron

Rose-bedecked pinafore for those grubby jobs around the house and garden and dimity maid's apron for afternoon tea in the parlor

Small & Quiet Corner

Don't you wish you could go sit in it?

Room With a View

For a room that looks out on a not-so-pretty street, a pretty window treatment is essential. The golden rose chintz is a perfect complement to the green walls.

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Anonymous said…
Hello, I have been trying to contact you. I am your Uncle Newton's niece in Arkansas.
I love the quilt, recognize your Grandma's work as I too have some of hers.
Please e-mail me at
Rebecca said…
I just emailed you from my yahoo account. Let me know if you didn't get it, okay?
Anonymous said…
No, I am not getting your e-mails...hmmmm. I did get your comment on my homeschoolblog.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Rebecca said…
Hi Holly,
It must be a conspiracy! Check your blocked email addresses for potterzdotter@yahoo.
That's my main email account. Anything that comes to regencyreb funnels to my yahoo account.

Anyway, it's just lovely meet you!
Anonymous said…
Yes, it must be a conspiracy LOL. I did not see anything with that address. I will try to e-mail you again and then you reply....maybe it will work.

Lovely to meet you too!


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