Tenth of May: Caleb & Sashanna

I'm way behind on the game. Mummy and I are headed out this morning to Texas for Mark and Gabrielle's wedding, and I am reminded I have never even posted pictures from Caleb and Sashanna's! (Caleb a writer and one of my co-workers in the writing center, in case you wondered~brilliant chap with whom I have enjoyed many long, philosophical discussions. Someday when he is a tenured professor at some prestigious school, I intend to sign up for one of his classes.

The wedding day dawned cool and damp, a bit of a concern because the ceremony and reception were to be held outdoors, deep in the Missouri woods at the bride's grandmother's beautiful custom home. Several friends and I drove up from campus early in the morning to be available to help with any last-minute details. It turned out that nobody really knew what was going on, so I just photographed the goings and tried to stay out of the way.

Groom's Parents, Missionaries to Mexico and Still Quite In Love

The Groom Greets Great-Grandmother

Instead of forming a receiving line, the bride and groom dismissed each row, greeting each guest as they went. A lovely gesture, was it not?

More Greetings (Recognize this lovely lady? She was at our picnic.

Jonathan and Mallory (some of my favorite people)

And More Greetings

Three of My Favorite People

Doesn't the groom look chivalrous in his tunic? An Hollywood costume maven-aunt designed and made the bridal party's garments and they were amazing!

The Lovely Sashanna

Mallory and Jonathan Look On

The Bride and Her Sister

The Table

The bride being a culinary arts student spread a fine table with the help of a former boss and chef from the Keeter Center (the campus lodge and restaurant) where she worked while in school. She and Caleb met in the kitchen. You can't see the details, but just imagine a mouth-watering assortment of cheese and crackers, smoked salmon, fruit, dips, etc. and you will have just a taste of the delights we enjoyed!

Adjusting the Sash

A Toast to a Long and Happy Wedded Life

Maybe Marriage is a Piece of Cake!

The bride's sister, Kaelee, baked the bridal cake from scratch and it was delicious. Don't you just love a piece of homemade cake? Yum!

Joshua, Friend of the Bride and Groom and I

We coordinated our outfits on purpose. Just kidding! It's probably another case of great minds thinking alike.

Joshua and David, Father of the Groom

I confess, I couldn't stop clicking pictures of David. His joy was just brimming over and he was constantly smiling. The only wrinkles in his face were smile lines and crow's feet. As missionaries, his family's life can not have been without its trials, and yet he, and indeed, the whole family are visibly happy.

Kaelee Perching on Joshua's Knee

Karianne, Sister of the Groom and Kaelee

Joshua and Kaelee Standing in the Garden

As the reception was wrapping up, the rain that had been threatening all morning broke through, and there was a mad dash to move everything off the serving tables. As rain is believed to be good luck for weddings, it can hardly put a damper on the felicity of this one!

Best wishes to the happy couple!


sashanna said…
I LOVE these pictures. I had never seen this before. Thank you for making me smile. Many happy memories!

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