By all accounts, our picnic last Friday was perfection itself. The weather cooperated beautifully. We had partly sunny skies and a cool breeze. The ground was wet from earlier rains, so we elected to dine al fresco at tables in the Plaster portico.

By way of edibles, we had an extensive selection of cheeses and spreads, including lobster pate, crackers, egg salad and smoked turkey for croissant sandwiches, strawberries, grapes, carrots, chips, the list seems almost endless in retrospect!

Kim and Rebekah Lay Out the Spread

Joshua Opens the Lobster Pate

Rebekah's Strawberry Lemonade

Some of Our Feast



Nathan and his "adopted" grandmother Joan, visiting for Caleb's wedding, stopped by. We were happy they could join us for lunch because we really had way too much food!


Andrea Demonstrates the Deliciousness of Nutella (You should try this at home!)

More Nutella

What better way to end the semester than to enjoy lunch outdoors on a pleasant day with such delightful friends?

Happy summer!


Amy said…
I wish I had been there. That looks like fun! What is Lobster Pate?
llane said…
yummy nutella!

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