Window Treatments

Some of you have been curious to know how I've dealt with challenges of decorating in the dorm. Here you will see my super simple window treatment! I brought along three of these moss green panels that had survived our housefire and was envisioning one of them draped across the window. Lacking funds for hardware, and not sure if the housing policy allowed for such, I resorted to using pushpins and the 1 1/2" plastic rings I had on hand from my recent scarf splurge. To get this graceful valance, I simply pulled the fabric through the rings and fooled with the drape until I was satisfied. Getting the rings to stay on the pushpins was the most difficult step, requiring that I get the tension of the fabric between the rings just right. But there you have it! I even found a couple of green tassles to grace the tails of my valance!

For my room/the guest room back home, I'm hankering for these Country Curtains:


Lillibeth said…
llane said…
wow, very nice! when i was in college, i used those 3M hooks (i think that's what they are called?) that attached to the wall with double-sided tape. it's awesome stuff, comes off clean but holds a lot of weight, so you could put them on either side of the window and stretch a dowel rod or something similar between the two... it wasn't the PRETTIEST solution, but it worked! ;)

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