A Room of One's Own

The Guest Room at Saddle Lane

Books in case of insomnia

Homemaking is such a delight to me. In May, I was home for a few days, and frustrated by the state of chaos in which my room has been since our move across town last July, I began culling the clutter and replacing it with items that bespoke peace and tranquility. Here is the result: a pleasant place of repose for guests at Saddle Lane, and for me when I am home from school. I am especially happy with the way the voile hangings behind the bed turned out.


Danielle said…
Mmm, a tidy, cosy room. I'm still working on getting my room to that stage after our recent move.

The bookhself by the bed is pure deliciousness.
llane said…
lovely! so peaceful... love the minty color on the walls and the fabric panel behind the bed. delightful!

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