It's a dark and stormy Friday night, and I HAVE TO GO TO WORK! I just want to curl up with another good book, and drink tea. Thankfully, I was able to finish Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge last night, so I'm not left hanging as to how it ends. (It's a satisfying ending, if not completely happy, not tragic like Tess.)

Followup on the sofa: my lovely roommate was agreeable, and the piece now sits in front our window, lending an elegance to our humble abode (which no longer smells quite so much like a barn).


Anneatheart said…
Rebecca! Hi there, this is Jessica Sundholm and we used to email some. We kind of stopped emailing right when we figured out a connection- I knew Amy Butler and you did too :) You were going to sew a dress for me, and I was expecting our third daughter. She is 15 months now! I moved again, but I have a blog up as well, and wouldn't you know we picked the same template :) Come by and 'visit'.

So I see you are in college now, how is that going? You are welcome to email me as well,

God bless!

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