I'm tired. But what's new? I've been reading Anton Chekhov's short stories, which I don't like. But I do. It's just that he was such a pessimist. Or was he, really? He tells the story, and lets the reader draw his own conclusion from the facts.

If I can find my copy of Willa Cather's O Pioneers! I'd like to read it over break. I hated it when I was younger. So depressing, I thought, although I never admitted it. Willa Cather is too esteemed to despise; I knew my lack of appreciation for her writing was due to my own ignorance. Now, thanks to the Hallmark Hall of Fame film adaptation, my estimation of the Cather's classic has increased dramatically.

Finals are over and I'm stuck on campus until Friday evening because I have to work. Ugh. Tomorrow is my day to move into room 305 and pack for going home. It's time to get some rest...


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