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Tuscan sausage and bean stew with spinach and squash

I got home from work today with no inkling what I'd fix for dinner. Tell me I'm not the only one... But then it's mid-November with all that it entails: gray skies, damp, chill breeze and a kaleidescope of color in the leaves.  Soup weather. I love soup. My husband prefers stews, thick and hearty. Soups are fine as an appetizer or side dish, but I don't (usually) try to pass off my tomato basil cheddar bisque as a meal around here. Maybe I could kill the proverbial two birds with one stone and manage to satisfy both my craving and his appetite with one main dish! I thought about the ingredients I had on hand: northern beans, spinach, sweet Italian sausage, an acorn squash, plucky herbs that survived our first frosts. Yes, a stew it must be.  You should know: This was a real winner. My foodie husband said it was the best I'd ever made, then listed off the other soups I'm famous for . He wanted to be sure I could duplicate it next time. (Don'

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