1959 Acrosonic by Baldwin

Did your grandmother have a piano? I spent hours at my grandmother's piano on the farm in Oklahoma. I've taken lessons off and on throughout the years, but I've mostly played electric keyboards. While keyboards have their place, certainly, I have found the overall experience less than soul-satisfying. I've been wanting an acoustic piano for years, but I hadn't found one that sounded or felt like my grandmother's Sohmer spinet. 

That is, until I sat down at this 1959 Acrosonic. We had gone out estate sale-ing early one Saturday a few weeks ago because I had seen an old sewing machine cabinet that looked intriguing. The sewing machine was an early electric Singer, in tip-top shape, but I didn't need it, even at $25. The piano, however, was love at first sound. The keyboard had a wonderful touch, the sound was rich and full, and the price was right: $150! It felt like I was playing my grandmother's piano.

My husband made the arrangements to have it moved. Now it sits in our vaulted living room on hardwood floors. I find myself sitting down at odd moments of the day, not necessarily to practice, but just to enjoy making music again.


Lillibeth said…
The one in the living room here is an Acrosonic:) Best kind I think:)I'm sure you will enjoy it!

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