Getting away from it all

Mr. A and I decided it was time to get away for the weekend. Away from home. Away from the bathroom remodel. Away from the shop vacuum in the middle of the bedroom. Away from parched grass. Away from shaggy, shedding dogs.

So we did.

On Saturday, we took a little jaunt over to Chesterfield to pick up a vanity and granite top for the bathroom, only to discover the guy we were buying it from (Craigslist) was the guy Mr. A had bought his last house from. Small world. Then we hit a few estate sales.

At the last one, I found a full set of white Johnston Bros. English ironstone dishes for my mother for $45. With all the cereal and fruit bowls, salad, dessert and dinner plates, coffee and tea cups, saucers, platters and gravy boat! She was thrilled!

At the end of the day, we turned our toes up in the Drury after a swim and soak in the spa. Oh, yes.

On Sunday we drove to Steeleville, through a rain storm (!), to worship with our dear friends and attend a river baptism.

Such a blessed and relaxing time, and now Monday is upon us.


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