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Mr. A. and I went estate sale-ing together for the first time last weekend.

I found the Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats and was on the watch for books by T.S. Eliot and C.S. Lewis. I found some, but they weren't titles I wanted or the volumes were in less than good shape.

But in his last perusal of the bookshelves as we were preparing to leave, my husband pulled this exquisite edition of Eliot's Four Quartets and handed it to me.

"Do you like T.S. Eliot?" he asked. 

"Do I? This is one of my favorite pieces in literature!"

And then he proceeded to pull out Lewis' Surprised by Joy and The Four Loves.

It was Mr. A.'s first time to go estate sale-ing. He enjoyed the experience, and his literary finds made me very happy.


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