Just My Cup of Tea

When you've got a wedding to sew for, and there are eight attendants, there is a lot of lilac silk and it is everywhere. Your dark green carpet is webbed with the threads from night after night of toiling over these eight dresses. At night your dreams take on a lilac tint. In the morning, the threads cling to your black skirt. You're still peeling them off at the office.

Between the hours of six and eleven in the evening and on Saturdays you realize the importance of pacing yourself. You take a break for tea. And on this evening, when you return to the sewing scene that is burgeoning in lilac silk, you think, it really is a shame to throw the good silk scraps away. They look so lovely, just laying in a pile on the light maple of your Jenny Lind dresser. But what if...?

And when you've swallowed the last drop of Earl Grey, and rinsed the cup, you know just what you'll do.

Teacup: Royal Southerland, Staffordshire, gift from Mrs. H.

More on the bridesmaids' dresses coming soon...


{lauryl} said…
pretty! can't wait to see the dresses!

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