The Bookseller

Once upon a time, there were bookstores on every other corner. Not anymore. But there are still a few, and we chanced upon one in Ardmore, OK, on our way home from Texas.

On my birthday.

O, serendipity!

The Bookseller has been the shop around the corner for forty years. That seems like a long time, but I've been around thirty. Can it be true?

At least we have our priorities straight, Erasmas, the Bookseller, and I.

I spent an hour delighting over the selections in the store, from the children's department to the literary fiction, to the local history. And because I couldn't leave without buying at least one book and I couldn't decide which one it should be, I asked the bookseller behind the counter what she would recommend for a friend's birthday.

And she thrust this at me: "It's a Book." Obvious choice for an English major to give an English major. A quirky volume celebrating the simple delights of reading from The Bookseller.

The End.


Josie Ray said…
Ah, the lure of that intriguing shopfront. Only antiques come close to it. Perhaps quilt shops, if done right... I can feel the pleasure of sinking into its luxurious depths for several hours...
{lauryl} said…
That is the SWEETEST bookstore! I have a few favorites here in east L.A., but you are so right-- local book stores are few and far-between these days. *sob*
Can it text?

No. . .It's a BOOK!

Nina said…
Wow--I have that very Erasmus quote, in a frame, in a prominent place in my home! And Lane Smith is one of my favorite author/illustrators, though I haven't read that particular book. I loved his illustrations in "The Stinky Cheese Man." Bookstores--particularly little local ones--are the most wonderful places, aren't they!
Candice Lea said…
This made me happy. :-) I love bookstores!

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