On the Practical Art of Quiltmaking

On Saturdays, when I'm in town, a young friend comes over and we spend two of the most delightful hours of my week--and hers, I'll warrant--at the sewing machine. Our first project was a pink pillowcase. Now, we are working on a quilt for another friend. It was her idea to do it, and I said I would help, even though I have half a million other projects in line already.

I say those two hours of my week are most delightful because they draw me outside myself. I'm such an introvert, so given to ruminating on the perplexing questions of existence that I often think I must be on the verge of madness. But it's these interactions with others at some meaningful task, sewing for one, that bring me back into tangible, touchable reality.

Jenn over at Transpositions has written a philosophical piece on quiltmaking which coordinates prettily with my current frame of mind. If you've given any thought to quilting or done some yourself, I think you'll like it, too.


Candice Lea said…
Thanks so much for sharing the link to that article! I've always loved quilting, though I've not done much of it. It's wonderful pondering the beauty not only of the object but the idea behind it.

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