Cultural Icons of a British Sort

As mentioned previously, I'm crazy for this relic from WWII. I like the poster format, but what I really want is the tote bag. And as I was considering my purchase from an Etsy seller, I googled the poster's history. Here we've got it: the story behind the poster that's been cropping up all over Britain after seventy years. You won't believe the serendipity. Rare bookshop. Northumberland. Crate of auction stuffs. Read it for yourself, and triumph in the rediscovery of a lost treasure from the past that's boosting morale in the current recession.

And for music in this vein, may we suggest Kate Rusby's "The Village Green Preservation Society"? (Not to be considered an endorsement of all items mentioned in the song, but just in celebration of some of what we love about Britain!)


Laura said…
I'm planning on embroidering that on one of my handbags. :-)

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