"Give me an occupation or I shall run mad"

The quote, of course, if you hadn't identified it already, is from Sense and Sensibility when Marianne falls ill and Col. Brandon needs to something to keep his mind off his worries.

But it has a broader application as well. Such as on this fetching raglan shirt from the Republic of Pemberley Shoppe.

A raglan which I think I must invest in for my running wardrobe. Could anything be more ideal for exercise attire than a shirt boasting a quote from dear Miss Austen involving running? I don't think so.

Occupation is perhaps the best antidote for madness that there is. One wants to feel useful. I find much to occupy me these post-college days: a job in insurance, sewing, reading, writing, playing piano. But all rather sedentary occupations, you see.

There are days when, despite my sense of feeling useful in my various occupations, I feel just on the verge of madness, and I want some physical activity to alleviate the stress that plagues me, body and mind.

Which brings to mind an Austen quote, equally as a propos: "Run wild as often as you chuse, but do not faint."

Been there, done that. I think I'll buy the tee shirt.


{lauryl} said…
insurance? i thought you were going to grad school? i am sadly behind on your comings and goings. we need to catch up soon! xoxo

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