Chintzy Chimera

What is this headless creature before you? This is my vintage dressform modeling a piece of fabric that has me in its clutches.

It's not so fearsome as all that, you say.

Well, perhaps not.

I've been deliberating over whether or not I like it for a week already.

Is it ugly or is it pretty?

Do you hate it or do you love it?

Should I return or keep it?

I can't make up my mind either.

I like it very much but not as much as 5 yards' worth. I can't bear the thought of shipping it heartlessly back to its home in Georgia.

Let me think about this rationally. Since it came in two pieces, one 1 yard and one 4 yards, and I like it very much as 1 yard but find any more than that makes me feel queasy, I think I shall keep a yard and let retrieve the other four at their own expense. There, that works out well, doesn't it?

But a yard isn't enough for a dress! And in case you don't know, I've made a vow not to buy fabric without an immediate plan for its use. Help me think of what to do with this, quick!


{lauryl} said…
I don't see it as a dress, but it might make some fun throw pillows! I've never heard of being able to return fabric, though. Crazy!
Lillibeth said…
You could slipcover a chair. Or keep the one yard and make a toss pillow.
Anna M Blanch said…
I think it would make a great dress - 50's style or shift.

but if you don't like that idea i second the chair cover or throw pillow ideas!
Josie Ray said…
Well, I use stray yards of fabric that I like to make covers for things like computer monitors. Perhaps it sounds weird, but to me electronics sitting around ruin the grace of a room. So when the computer is turned off, I toss a paisley scarf over the part that intrudes most, the monitor...a paisley scarf that used to be a favorite skirt. I get to enjoy the fabric and block out ugly modernity at one stroke. :-)
Greyhaven Pines said…
Tardy to the party, here, but you might check to see if your library carries the book One-Yard Wonders -- it may give you some ideas. I love this fabric. What about a skirt?

Rebecca said…
When I posted about my ambivalence toward this piece of fabric, I never thought I'd hear such a lot of good advice. It makes me wish, almost, that I'd kept the whole 5 yards. But as it happened, I returned the 4 yard length, and am left with the 1 yard piece.

Here's what I'm thinking, folks: a little girl's dress or a lady's skirt. Which shall it be? We shall see, we shall see...
rdorethy said…
I think it would make a great shawl. . . like Lizzy had in Pride and Prejudice (Kierra Knightly version) when she is talking to Mr. Wickham.

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