"Oh bear in mind our dust and nothingness..."

On this Ash Wednesday, my meditations echo this one
from Christian Rossetti's Later Life: A Double Sonnet of Sonnets.

Thou Who didst make and knowest whereof we are made,
Oh bear in mind our dust and nothingness,
Our wordless tearless dumbness of distress:
Bear Thou in mind the burden Thou hast laid
Upon us, and our feebleness unstayed
Except Thou stay us: for the long long race
Which stretches far and far before our face
Thou knowest,–remember Thou whereof we are made.
If making makes us Thine, then Thine we are;
And if redemption, we are twice Thine own:
If once Thou didst come down from heaven afar
To seek us and to find us, how not save?
Comfort us, save us, leave us not alone,
Thou Who didst die our death and fill our grave.


gail said…
having read this several times, it still washes over me like an ocean wave. Oh, to be able to put pen to paper and leave behind ink marks and squiggles which completely convey heart thoughts to the reader. I love it.

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