Snow Day Sundries

~Enjoying sweet solitude on a snowy day at home pictured above.

~Listening to my Anonymous 4 station on Pandora, I can't get enough of the close harmonies, and I love the mix of folksy ballads and Gregorian chant. If you haven't heard A4, you should. (Check out their website --I just did, and I discovered they are coming to Tulsa on March 11!) Another folk artist to love is Kate Rusby, who harks from West Yorkshire. Hear her rendition of Blooming Heather on YouTube.

~Etsying, I stumbled upon this enchanting portrait of Jane Austen. Since we have few pictorial representations of Miss Austen, I enjoy it when artists attempt to portray her.

~Knitting feverishly continues, thanks to such inspiration as Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed and others. I'm commencing on a knitted tam from his pattern "Relm" that was featured in Knit.1 magazine last fall. I suppose yarn is supposed to be a big deal, but I'm still stuck on Caron's Simply Soft, which is some of the cheapest stuff out there. This hat will be gray, and if I like the pattern, I'll upgrade to a more prestigious yarn for the second run.

Where are you this winter day? What occupies your mind, heart, and hands?


{lauryl} said…
Ooh, thanks for sharing your current music faves! I'm listening to Kate on Pandora right now and loving her sound! xo
Lillibeth said…
Could you send some of that snow my way?

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