Knitting Fever

There's another kind of bug going around in this part of the world, and it spreads in yarn fibers. I taught Elizabeth to knit earlier this fall, just as I was getting bored with my own project, an Irish knit tea cozy. A few days of exposure to my roommate's newly-caught enthusiasm reinfected me. Now I'm down with the knitting virus for which there is no apparent chance for cure. Elizabeth shows no signs of recovery either, with half a dozen skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn burgeoning from her bag and plans for as many scarves tickling her mind.

I'm on my second cozy in the past three weeks, plus I've made a baby hat, and started a scarf. A professor, who shall remain nameless but who let me bring my tea-cozy-in-progress to class, suggested that if the tea cozy just happened to turn into a scarf, he knew a fellow who might want it. "That shade of blue would just match his eyes," he hinted, holding up the skein of yarn to his face.

The tea cozy did not turn into a scarf, but another skein of blue yarn is quickly becoming Mr. O'Leary's scarf.


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