Straighten Up

When I was a little girl, my grandfather was constantly reprimanding me for my bad posture. He suffered from scoliosis and so was hyper-conscious of others' form. As most children tend to do, I slumped. Despite his words echoing in my memory, I still slump. I'm slumping now at my desk as I type. Some people never learn, do they?

It's not just my physical posture that could use improvement these days. It's my posture as a thinking believer, too. And for that reason, I'm thankful for this reminder by Anna Blanch on prayerfully approaching research. I should learn the Aquinas meditation my heart.


gail said…
Where do you find your adorable pictures?! My father use to make his girls walk around the house balancing a medium size book on their heads. I think it helped a lot in our posture, but when we got to high school many thought we were 'stuck up' because we walked and sat with our chins up in the air!
Rebecca said…, an online museum of fine art, is where I get most of the paintings. You can search the archives by artist name or keyword.

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