Bright Star

One of the beauties--or banes, if you prefer--of the internet is that you can nearly always find someone who shares your opinion of any given subject. Take the recent film Bright Star about John Keats' love affair with Fanny Brawne, for instance. It's rare that I go see a movie, but this one called me out from among my books, being about one of my favorite poets. My roommate and I saw it a few weeks ago, and all this time, I've been wanting to write a review of it. But what to say? I found myself left dumb in the wake of such an exquisite piece of work. But Meredith says it all so I don't have to. See her post "Laboring to be beautiful" on her blog, For Keats' Sake.


{lauryl} said…
I haven't seen it yet - but oh! how I want to!

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