Weighing Life's Pros and Cons at the End of Today

The bad:
Skipping Writers' Bloc, the student writers group to write my review of ESL composition resources
~Using the wrong interest rate to figure the amortization schedule on a 25 year mortgage
~Not getting to sign up for classes next semester, especially Dr. Rapinchuk's second semester Greek, 20th century British Lit in which Dr. Head will teach the Inklings, and Dr. Blake's treatment of the American novels of Wharton, Cather, and O'Connor
~Not having exercised in such A Very Long Time I'm not sure I could if I tried
~Not knowing how to deal with conflict and divergent views--a recurring theme?
~Consuming too much caffeine and sugar
~"Service Engine Soon" appearing on my dashboard

The good:
~Autumn's color burnishing the hills
~Getting better test grades in Psych and on the GRE essay than I thought possible
~Croissant with coffee
~Two o'clock class cancelled
~A dreaded paper assignment that turned out to be interesting
~Friends who'll come bake cookies in my kitchen and leave me some
~Other friends who'll call me just to say they have a phone again
~Knowing I might not be able to ace a math test, but I can knit cables on a tea cozy

Sometimes convincing oneself that life is good takes making lists. Yes, Life is beautiful. Thank you, Lord.


gail said…
would love to see those Mo. hillsides in the Fall! Drink in their beauty for me, please, while you take in some fresh air and sunshine.
{lauryl} said…
Truly, life IS beautiful. We all need to remind ourselves each day of the beauty we encounter.
Anna M Blanch said…
Writing out your blessings can be helpful! Great list

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