Lost Opportunity

Well, hello there friends! It's a bright and shiny September morning in the Ozarks. There's laundry and housework to be done, and homework of course. There's one week to go before I face the dreaded dragon of the GRE (graduate record exam) in Springfield. And there's the depressing knowledge that one of my favorite living poets, Billy Collins, will be in Springfield at the Missouri Literary Festival, reading his work while I am doing battle on that test! I would reschedule, except it would cost me dearly. It's wrong, I tell you. Wrong!

How do you console yourself when you can't do something you really, really want to do because of a prior commitment? Any tips?


{lauryl} said…
I don't have any consolation advice, really, but I'd love to hear how you fare on the GRE. My older sister is studying to take it (again) in preparation to apply for PhD programs. She already has her MFA. Tonight we also studied together for the separate literature GRE. We were STUMPED by many of the questions and felt severely under-educated. I might decide to take the test next year if I end up making up my mind about grad school, but right now the test absolutely terrifies me. ;-(
gail said…
Best wishes to you on Saturday!

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