Corner Cottage Thrift

My visits to this charity thrift store are one of two things: an addiction or a tradition! Let's go with tradition. I'm on my second summer of weekly visits to the shop whose proceeds benefit a local free clinic. Lucky for me it's just a block from my office. Enter the ramshackle old frame house and be greeted by two friendly ladies. Poke about in each room for items that you might need: baby things in the nursery, kitchen items in the kitchen, books in the library. I pop over on my break to browse the selections in the library, and I've uncovered treasures there: a French phrasebook, C.S. Lewis' A Grief Observed, Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Whimsey. The prices are just right for my pocketbook,too. I came away Friday with a wicker basket tray and an enchanting framed rose print for $3.50, both of which will find a welcome spot in my own cottage.


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