What is that?

It's a lovely short film. In Greek. About birds, family, love. I think you'll like it.

What is that? (Τι είναι αυτό) 2007 from MovieTeller on Vimeo.


I've seen this before and love it. It is very powerful.
gail said…
Today is the first day of summer vacation for my three little grands. Allen, 7; Mickayla, 6; Ryann 5. How many questions will I be answering on the Mons. and Tues. that they will spend with me!
gail said…
Allen, Mickayla, Ryann and Grandma Gail have just finished watching this lovely film....for the second time. Ryann, age 5, said, as the film closed, "can we watch it again?" We watched it last week while eating lunch when Grandpa Dave was with us. This might become a weekly event! The children begin by saying, "Can we watch the sparrow film?"
I love watching the expressions on the children's faces as the story unfolds. They are totally absorbed in its unfolding drama.

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