House in Bloom

Because the whole world is a-bloom these days, I'm tucking flowers into various corners of the house. Here, on my dresser: a blooming teacup and two books to celebrate "spring's bright uncontrol." On the kitchen window sill, there's a sprig of crab apple with English ivy and periwinkles twinkling through miniature ivies. I'll snap a picture in the morning light, how's that?


{lauryl} said…
yes! loving everything in bloom! also loved our chat the other day, thanks so much for calling! xoxo
Ah springtime... :)

Maybe I can come see your lovely windowsill in person?
{lauryl} said…
Oh I'm so glad that you enjoyed my alma mater! I wish I could introduce you to people there, but alas, I dropped my English major after my first semester there, so my contacts are limited to the Theatre dept. Olivia is about to graduate and knows a lot of the current faculty, but she's a music and religion major, so I'm afraid she might not know too many people in the English dept, either. Good old Zink, though. I didn't do much there, but I practically lived in Chapman (Theatre) and Oliphant, where I was the entertainment editor for The Collegian. Ladeda. TU really was a great school. I miss it. xo
{lauryl} said…
oh, ps, i love Edna St. Vincent Millay, but I'm unfamiliar with the other poets you mentioned. I shall have to look them up! ;)

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