Thinking of the distances we've traveled...

Oh, the paradox of Christianity: that we must lose ourselves to save ourselves. Something to contemplate as we enter a new year, and a happy one I pray each of you will find it.

On my list of resolutions for the new year, more frequent blogging does not appear, although it probably should. Perhaps I could consider a sort of spiritual discipline, even when I am only recounting quotidian occurances, and in this way transcend the mundane. There are more general provisions that may affect my blogging habits, such as "stop procrastinating, now!" and "improve communication with friends and family." What my list does not account for is my missing USB cable needed to download pictures from my digital camera. "Seek and ye shall find": less paradoxical but still requiring faith. I need to seek.

Photo Credit: Window in Haworth Church, R. Hawkins, 2007


Lillibeth said…
Did you look under the computer desk? In the drawer where you least expect it to be? How about still attatched to the computer from last time? Oh no, you would not do something like that, that would be for those of us with absent minds:)
Look at it this way, at least you do not have to go to all the trouble to upload a photo, crop it, resize it, etc.

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