Tea Wallet

If you drink tea and don't have one of these, you need one:

It's a tea wallet! Now you can carry tea with you wherever you go. If you're eating in a restaurant that only serves Lipton's, don't despair. Bring out your tea wallet with its selection of favorite teas. Twinings, anyone?

This was something I knew must exist, but where to find one? Only a friend like Mrs. Humphrey could have anticipated my need so creatively. Using the online tutorial at Christy's Creations, she fashioned this in lovely shades of burgundy, rose and green. I like it so much, and I can't say what comfort it brings me to know that wherever I am, I'm only a cup of hot water away from a good cup of tea!

(Maybe, just maybe if you lack sewing skills, Mrs. Humphrey would consider making you a tea wallet, too. Just a thought...)


Lillibeth said…
Well now, could be, could be, but will I have to prove that the fabric is lead-free? And what about the tea?

They were truly fun to make! I am so glad you are using it.

-Mrs. Humphrey
Andrew said…
They are a fantastic idea. I have never seen them before but already have a number of people who would love one. I'll keep a look out.
Mrs. Humphrey: I need one of those, but perhaps not in such beautiful feminine colors.

I think it's a wonderful idea. How often I've been to restaurants that only serve Lipton. Gugh.

BTW, I've discovered my new favorite tea: pomegranate herb from Bigalow. I know, it's not Twinings but it's just as good!

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