On this Day, I Make My Three Hundredeth Post

Here is one of the happiest spots in my life: before the red chair in front of the picture window with my books spread 'round. Even with summer's life gone from the lawn, the spruce tree is still green, and the English ivy still spills from its redbrick planter by the front door. When daylight is faded, I turn on the lamp behind the chair and put away my books in order to take up my knitting. This week's project is a weathered green scarf for Jana, one of my lovely housemates.

And where does this day find you?


msfleurette said…
that is lovely. i take it you have found the camera cord? ;) i myself am drinking earl grey and writing christmas thank-yous... oh and checking blog subs, of course. xoxo
Ali said…
Hello Miss Rebecca,
I have tagged you in a book meme, thinking that it might be up your alley, but feel free to ignore.
Ali xx

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