How I Spent My Birthday (In Case You Were Curious)

There's no putting on the brakes; we're flying toward the end of the year, and we might as well make the most of it!

The best way to have a birthday is to surround yourself with friends. I love to see my friends enjoying themselves in each other's company. My roommates and I decked out and went for dinner last Friday night at a new Greek restaurant in Branson, the Bleu Olive. You have to eat there if you ever come. The service and the food were poli kala! We shared the assorted dips with pita for an appetizer and I had the spanikopita for an entree. When we mentioned to the waiter that it was my birthday, he said I could have the dessert of my choice and it would be on the house. Tiramisu, I love you!

After dinner, we rented a movie and went grocery shopping for Saturday's brunch.

Saturday, my birthday, starting at nine in the morning, was one long party. Friends and I cooked British breakfast, as many of the delicious dishes we enjoyed last November in our English hotels that we could muster in our own kitchen: eggs, and sausage and bacon and toast with marmalade, stewed dried fruit and broiled tomatoes and sauted mushrooms and tea, of course. After brunch, we played Settlers of Catan, baked gingerbread, welcomed more friends that stopped by, played a game of Clue, talked a lot, took a walk down to the park, baked bread bowls and cooked white chili for supper, talked until late that night.

After this exhausting line-up of events, I still had to pack for my week at home. Fortunately, I've learned to pack in a flash. It still requires slightly more effort than waving a magic wand, but I'm almost there...

More about the week coming soon!


Holly said…
Dearest Rebecca,
It's Holly from down here in Arkansas. Sorry it has been sooo long since I have corresponded. I'm sorry I missed our birthday. It sounds like it was delightful. I was just in Branson last week. WE hope to be there again on the 18th-19th and then again on the 29th. Maybe we can get together. It would be so nice to meet you.
Rebecca said…
Holly! I will still be in Branson the 18th & 19th; it would be lovely to meet up with you if at all possible! If you email me at regencyreb at, I can send you my phone number.

Hope you and your family are staying warm!
You should have birthdays more often...

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