Life and Leaves

Getting older isn't all bad. I can do the things I was afraid to do when I was younger because I don't have to prove I'm mature any more. No one will contest the fact. Joshua came over this evening on the pretence of raking leaves. When he had got a pile, which took some doing with all the wind, we jumped into it. And it was very nice.

Afterwards, supper and friends and conversation and games and apple pie. I'm with Jane Austen who admitted, "Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness." Good company is a plus as well.

Help is on the way for the furnace. An enormous thank-you goes out to Alyssan-in-Latvia for helping us find a repairman in our area and to her kind in-laws-from-Oklahoma who brought us four space heaters. We're keeping cozy now.


msfleurette said…
i hope you had a lovely birthday. i ordered you a subscription to martha stewart living to celebrate your natal day. it will start in january- going to your po box. hope you enjoy it. love you muchly! ps. who is this joshua???
Lillibeth said…
Happy Birthday!
Lillibeth said…
(Music plays)

Happy Birthday To Thee,
Happy Birthday To Thee,
Here's a Toast To Rebecca,
With My Cup Of Tea!
I must echo msfleurette's question: "who is this joshua???" Although I would be prone to capitalize the poor fellow's name. It is an unfortunate name as so many people seem to bear it.

I miss leaves. It's that awful time of year after all of the leaves are gone but before the snow has come and all we have is cold (which is nice but would be nicer with snow). I need to move North.
Rebecca said…
Who is this joshua, or Joshua as he doubtless prefers to be called??? He is a difficult personage to define; I really cannot do him the justice I would like. I would say he has the distinguishment of being one of the kindest, most helpful and personable people I know. Perhaps his penchant for helping poor damsels in distress (such as myself) prevents his having time to represent himself to the world. But he should know that if he thinks to depend on those helpless females to tell his stories of chivalric behavior, he will never get the notice and credit he deserves, although he will always have their deepest admiration and warmest thanks.

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