Alive and Well

My readers may be wondering what ever has happened to me as Rebecca Blogs slips to the bottom of the recently updated blogs. The good news is that I am still alive, although that may have been very nearly not the case due to a faulty propane pipe. In having our non-functioning furnace inspected, we learned that had it not been for a safety feature of the system that shut off the furnace, we could have succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. All five of us.

One housemate and I were reflecting on what a tragedy our deaths would have been, realizing how much we still wish to accomplish in the world. As one wise person I know puts it, I can't hold much of God's love, but I can sure let a lot overflow into the lives of others.


gail said…
Glad that you are alive and well. How much of this world's tragedies we are spared may never be known to us. Thanksgiving should be on our lips daily!

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