Study: At a Reading Desk

Studying isn't going so well on this end. Maybe if I had a satin dressing gown and a reading desk like this young lady's, I'd feel more inspired. As it is, I'm only tired.

I spent today about domestic affairs, mine and others'. I cleaned and cooked and laundered, the live-long day. Friend Jonathan came to harvest the plentiful crop of leaves from the roof and deck and driveway in exchange for supper: pasta with chicken and marinara sauce. And what a fine job he did. With the leaves cleared, I think my mind may be clearer.

My paper and sonnet are still waiting to be written. My books still need to be read. My spirit's willing, but my flesh is weak, and so I think I'll get some sleep for now.

Bonne nuit!

Image: Study: At a Reading Desk by William Bouguereau,


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