Reasons to Be Happy

I am happy tonight because my sister is visiting for the week on fall break. We're going to do homework together and maybe do a little Branson touristing, too. 12 Irish Tenors, anyone?

Another reason to be happy is because Dr. Head agreed to let me do an directed readings class in the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Christina Rossetti. I get to design the syllabus, so I may try to find another poet that fits in with these two. I'd like to look at the poets' spiritual visions and also at their techniques. I've long been intrigued by Hopkins' use of sprung rhythm and Rossetti's sonnets. I want to some how pry more deeply into these poets' works. In addition to explicating (that's a literary term for unpacking the meaning of) poems, I want to try writing some of my own. Dr. Head believes, as do I, that emulation is one of the most effective ways to learn. So we shall see...


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