How Do We See God?

In reading Alister McGrath's Theology: The Basics, I am struck by how cumbersome theology is in comparison to faith, which is as simple as believing God is Who He says He is and trusting Him enough to obey His Word.

Theology appears to me like scaffolding built up around a monument that already stands and is in need of no repair. The men who build the scaffolding are hoping to get a closer view of the monument, and maybe some of them do. But in many ways, they seem to be obstructing the view for the rest of us.


msfleurette said…
Wow. That is a great description. Love it.
I'm not so sure I would go that far with all theology. Certainly there are those who de-personify God with their theology, or get so wrapped up in the words that they miss the Man. But theology is to God what language is to a book or what paint is to a picture. If we view them only as paint or words, we miss the point. But we must first become fluent in both words and paint before we can write or create a masterpiece. So it is with theology and God. We must be able to understand theology if we are to understand God.

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