Writing Life

Most stories emerge in community when people engage with each other. But for stories to be recorded, the teller must disengage from that community to write. I am comfortable in community and I delight in solitude, but finding a balance between the two can be a challenge. I get so caught up in living in community, I do not take time to reflect on life with my pen in hand.

Painting: Solitude by Lord Frederick Leighton, Maryhill Museum of Art

Let October be dedicated to the scale, to the attempt at balancing life and writing. I am going to write something everyday. Something is my commitment; it may not be my best. (Ali, you're my inspiration with your ignus fatuus.) I don't want to post inferior work, but maybe if I know I have to post something, I will at least keep writing, and in the process, make improvement.

A blog seems representative of the two sides of life and writing: the solitary and the communal. Here I write about my life, and you read, sometimes responding in your own voice, as your stories intersect with mine.

Let's write and see what happens.


Laura said…
What a lovely idea! I blog every day, except Sundays, and it seems to help me balance my other areas of life, since it works as a de-stressor for me.
Once, I resolved to write a poem a day for the month of April, and then another time, two pages a day for the month of December. It's very interesting to see what comes of it. I find that usually, it makes me work harder, but produce better quality in my writing.
I look forward to reading more!


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