I wish we could rewind life and relive it without pain and suffering. I'm remembering the carefree days of childhood when we played army in the ravine down below the house. I'm remembering our friend Kelly and the sense of purpose he felt about becoming a medic. He was twelve or so then. And he followed through on his goal. He's been in the military for a number of years, serving as a medic. I heard yesterday that he has been critically injured in a landmine explosion in Afghanistan.

Will you pray for Kelly? Because of his own training, I'm sure he knows the seriousness of his condition. Please pray God's peace will enfold him and that the Physician's hand will bind up his wounds and hasten the healing process. Please pray for his family.

Please pray that even when we can't undo human suffering, we will be sensitive to the wounds of the people in our lives and have the patience to minister comfort to them.

Thank you, friends.


Jody said…
As the wife of an ex-Marine my prayers are certainly with this young man and his family.
msfleurette said…
I've already lost a dear friend in this war/vendetta/whatever it is, I understand how you must be feeling... I will certainly keep Kelly in my thoughts and prayers.

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