Tea with Mrs. Humphrey, et al.

Mrs. Humphrey of The Pleasant Times is celebrating her birthday this month with a virtual tea that will include friends from around the country and the world. Our invitations came in the mail this week. We're to brew a pot of tea and settle in at our computers for a live chat tomorrow afternoon.

With such thoughts of tea and pleasant times, I was brought to mind of a tea I enjoyed with the Humphrey family and Mrs. Sherman last May when I was out to their part of the country. After a morning in at the Maryhill Museum in Washington, we had worked up quite an appetite, so we headed back to the Dalles where we found Anzac tea room conveniently located downtown in a dear old frame house with gingerbread trim. You could hardly see the house though, for the jungle of blooming shrubs in front!

Tea and Roses

The proprietress tells us all about her custom blended teas.

Johnpaul, waiting

Johnpaul & Mrs. Sherman


Doesn't he look like his head is coming out of the bouquet?

Here Comes the Tea!

Lillibeth takes tea with the sampler plate, an assortment of sandwiches, scones, and fruit.

A perfect cuppa

Don't you wish I could tell you what was the blend we loved? I didn't take notes, so now, over a year later, I've forgotten what we had. You'll just have to go visit Anzac and try all the teas!

Mr. Humphrey approves the chicken salad sandwiches.

Mrs. Sherman explains the etiquette of taking tea to her two young friends.

Young Lillian looks on, too young to fully enjoy the pleasures of a proper tea just yet!

If The Pleasant Times archives contain any pictures from when I was visiting that include me, would my friends so kindly send them my way?


Lillibeth said…
I've been looking for those myself! Certainly I took some pictures, as well, when you were out here??? Can you remember?

I never saw the pictures of you and I in front of The Lady Washington, though we sure got a lot of the young captain Isaac at the wheel!

When I get a chance I'll look again.
Cyper tea, eh? We should try that sometime.
How lovely! I miss my pretty tea cups. :-)

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