Happy Birthday, Mrs. Humphrey!

A cyber tea is a rather simple affair, for all the technology involved. The conversations of eight guests did get a bit confusing at times on MSN Messenger, but what an innovative way to bring one's friends together from around the world at less expense than a plane ticket!

The Oklahoma attendees enjoyed a pot of Royal Wedding tea supplied by the hostess and homemade bread with apricot jam.

I promised Mrs. H. that I would don a hat for the occasion of her birthday, which I did, as you will see below.

My linen cap happens to be the only hat compatible with my upswept coiffure! It looked so old-maidish, I couldn't resist donning a shawl for the occasion of this old friend's milestone.

Here's to you, Mrs. Humphrey, a very happy birthday!


llane said…
yes, i'm afraid that's a very "old-maidish" look. you are not nearly old enough for that bonnet, my dear! ;)
Lillibeth said…
I love it! Such a contrast with the Laptop!

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