Wednesdays with Betty

On Wednesdays, I usually head over to Betty's at lunchtime for a spot of tea. Some friends will be horrified to hear that Betty serves Lipton's, but as I told my hostess, her Lipton's tastes like none other. I have yet to learn her secret.


Betty has the Midas touch when it comes to tea and everything else, really. Her house and garden are marvels to behold. Mum and Amy have been helping her keep things tidy and the dog bathed; I'm just there to socialize.

Front Porch

Miss Dashwood, I presume?

Mother Dearest

When we were house-hunting several years ago, we fell in love with Betty's house when we saw it, and consequently, with its owner. It's uncommon to become friends with the people you buy a house from, but Fred and Betty are dear to us, and we cherish the time we can spend with them as they grow older and their health declines. They could be my grandparents, but they're more; they're our friends.


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