Quick, this is your chance to write. You may not have another for some time. Now it's mostly quiet in the writing center, save for Dr. Dalton's history students pecking out their final essays. You're sitting in your customary corner feeling like a conquering queen because you're finished and your grades are looking good.

You talk so much of wanting time and peace and quiet to write, which seem all too rare even in the Center for Writing and Thinking. Now that you have it, though, you'd rather sit around and daydream, staring off into the fog over Branson and over the green of the fields and trees.

It seems constrictive to hold a pen, gathering thoughts like so many errant sheep. Thoughts that don't want to be gathered or driven through the narrow nib, the gate, and enclosed in any kind of pen.

Even if it rains, we're having our picnic today. It is our last opportunity. Summer holidays loom just around the corner, and we'll all be going our separate ways. C'est dommage. It is a pity. In some ways, but not in others. It is nice we have opportunities elsewhere than the college. Joshua is heading to Europe to work in the US Embassy in Brussels, Michelle is going to Asia to teach English with the ELIC, I'm going home and back to work at the insurance agency. Several friends are getting married...

Caleb and Sashanna will be married at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning! (I pray it doesn't rain.) We're leaving campus at 6:30 to help with set-up.


llane said…
wow, i've never heard of such an early wedding! is it a brunch wedding or something? i've never actually known anyone who has done that. i might think it was fun if i wasn't so definitely NOT a morning person! ;)

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