Looking Ahead

I've spent most of this afternoon following my nap packing up the contents of my dorm room. On Friday, I'll be heading home for the summer. It feels good to go through my possessions and throw some things out, I'll admit. What I'm going to do with the carload of "essentials" that I'm hauling home, I'm not sure. The garage is already full and my room is technically the guestroom now. (My grandmother will be staying with us this coming week!)

But I have something else to look forward to. This fall, when I move back to school, several girls and I will be sharing a house. One of my professors, Dr. B, whose garden I watered last summer, is moving to Latvia with his family to teach American literature at a university for ten months. We will be renting his family's house, fully-furnished. And I can hardly wait to have a place to call my own, even though I'll be sharing.

Living Room

Back Garden



llane said…
oh what a pretty home! how nice that will be for you!

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