Little Update on My Life

The day is sodden. I am damp from my dash through the rain with a stolen, dilapidated umbrella. I'm not letting the weather dampen my spirits too much. Brighter things are in the forecast. And the sun is shining in my memory of the past semester. I finished with all A's for the first time, thanks I'm sure in part to my commitment not to obsess over my assignments. Hurrah!

This is my last day in the writing center for the summer, which, though sad in some respects, means that I'll be spending the next three months in a different setting. Tomorrow, I am going home and in a week, I will be going back to my job in insurance. But this evening, I'm having dinner with the Barnes family. At midnight, some friends and I are going to the midnight premiere of Prince Caspian.

Saturday, I'll be home, home! There's a picnic in the park, a friend's graduation, antoher friend's wedding, and Kim-my-roommate in town.


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