From Here On Out

Putting my life on hold
Is something I must stop,
Because no matter how I try
I can't really do it anyway.
I'm not getting any younger,
And the list of things I want to do
Isn't getting any shorter.

Yes, I will be home for the summer and working full-time. That's no excuse, mind you, for putting off projects that have been nagging me for the past two years, those things I know I should be doing, but talk myself out of because, well, I've been too busy. I've been thinking about what I would like to accomplish while I'm home: the window treatments for Mummy's dining room, helping in the garden, binding on a quilt, launching a line of sweet and simple dresses for women and girls, writing, studying French, reading books about and by people who inspire or challenge me, practicing the piano, finding someone older and wiser to teach me something they think I should know. These are all things I long to do. But I need to include them in my plan from this side of summer; otherwise, it will be too easy to succomb to laziness, and put them off for another time.


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